He did not spare His own Son_wide_t_nv

“But now, thus says the Lord your Creator, O Jacob, and He who formed you, O Israel, “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine! – Is 43:1

What a blessed promise that the creator of the universe has given to us. Just as God spoke to the children of Israel in this passage he speaks to you and me.  We are just as undeserving because of our disobedience and sin. We turn to idols, we turn to our own pride, and we run to the very thing we know is wrong but do it anyway. Paul states in Romans 7:24 “Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death?” The only one that can is Jesus. JESUS is the answer!  Even despite our failure Christ came anyway. “For while we were yet sinners Christ died” -Romans 5:8  He is faithful to purchase us back and renew us even though we were undeserving. That is Grace. You may say I am not good enough…That’s ok… its Grace! You might say I have sinned too much…Grace! Eph 2:8 By Grace you are saved not of your selves it is a gift of God.

He also says in this verse I have “formed you”, basically saying “I know you; I molded you and know your very being”. He knows us, what makes us tick, our passions and desires, things that bother us, things that excite us. He even knows us better than we know our selves. That is good news because I don’t know about you, I have identity crisis’s often. But I can turn to him and allow him to sort out the details for he knows the very fabric of my being.

In addition, He tells us “we do not have to fear, for he has redeemed us” We are not bought with perishable things, but we have been purchased by the precious blood of Christ. “What can wash away my sins, NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS!”  Also, remembering that God is the one that saved me and knowing that I do not have to despair on the account of my own doing; this is very reassuring. I can do nothing to add to what he has done. “IT IS FINISHED” Furthermore, the statement that “I am His” calms my heart. Because if I am His, then I belong to no one else and if I am his, no one can take me away from Him.  Here are some words from a song called “Grace alone” by The Modern Post that resonate in my heart:

“I was an orphan, lost at the fall;

Running away when I’d hear you call,

But Father, you worked your will.

I had no righteousness of my own

I had no right to draw near your throne,

But Father, you loved me still.”


Despite of me, Christ was beaten, marred, killed and buried…but rose again to redeem and purchase my undeserving life and make me his own. Thank you Jesus!

Forever His,

Pastor Brad Noel