What’s your Spiritual Gift?Many_Gifts,_One_Spirit_wide_t_nv


This last Sunday I preached on the Spiritual gifts! The big idea was that each of us has been gifted by Jesus to Glorify Him, to grow the church, both numerically and in maturity, as well as to serve others and to meet the needs that exist in our community. Ephesians 4 tells us Jesus gave gifts to us! These gifts will vary greatly from person to person, but each gift comes from Jesus as He sees fit!

The three categories of gifts!

1. Motivational Gifts: Motivating others to Jesus: (Romans 12:6-8)
1. Prophet/perceiver (the eyes): One who sees the will of God: Loves truth! Black and white thinker! They motivate with truth!
2. Servant (the hands): the doer: the one who loves to serve and come along side others! A behind the scene type! They motivate with doing!
3. Teacher (the mind): One who loves to research and share, learner! They motivate with knowledge!
4. Exhorter, encourager (the mouth): One who loves to encourage others, positive people! They motivate through kindness and optimism!
5. Giver (the arms: strong support): loves to joyfully give time, talent, treasures and energy to whomever and to whatever! They motivate with selflessness!
6. Leader (the shoulders: carry’s the load): Loves to lead, has vision and helps organize, direct, facilitate and delegate! They motivate with organization and influence!
7. Mercy (the heart): one with great compassion and sympathy, especially for the hurting, they carry the weight of others hurts! They motivate with love and empathy, feeling what you feel!

2. Gifts of manifestation: The Holy Spirit manifesting Jesus power through the believer (1Cor 12:6-8)
1. Word of wisdom: Extraordinary insight into people and situations! Knowing what to say and do, in biblical fashion, in hard or difficult situations!
2. Word of knowledge: Extraordinary insight into the word! those who love to study and do research!
3. Faith: a wonder working faith that moves mnts. Getting out of the boat like Peter did! These people have big visions and dreams and truly believe God will make it happen! “You see obstacles as opportunities to trust God to do the impossible!” “Does it bother you when people say it can’t be done?”
4. Healing: the ability to call on God through prayer in faith to heal the sick through supernatural means for the purpose of revealing God. “do you have compassion on the sick, or unhealthy?” “do you enjoy praying with the sick?”
5. Miracles: calling on God to do the supernatural to reveal His power, like Casting out demons, the multiplication of fish and loaves!
6. Prophesy: Those with the gift of prophecy easily spot compromise, sin, and error, and desire immediate change and action for Christ. They tend to be bold, sensitive to sin, and place a very high value on urgent biblical obedience.
7. Discernment: You can tell if something is from god or satan! You can tell when people are faking it!
8. Tongues: Private prayer language!
9. Interpretation of tongues: Interpreting that language!

3. Gifts of ministry: equipping gifts to build the church to be like Jesus: Eph 4:8-11
1. Apostle: One who establishes and strengthens churches.
2. Prophet: One who speaks forth the message of God.
3. Evangelist: One who preaches the Gospel and loves the lost, really loves the lost!
4. Pastor: One who feeds, leads, shepherds and councils the flock of believers!
5. Teacher: One who instructs the believers in the word of God.

How to find your gift?

It seems that in our consumeristic society too many Christians don’t know they are gifted by Jesus for a purpose. Or if they do know their gift, they are content to sit idly by and let others do the work of the ministry for them. My goal on Sunday was to let the Holy Spirit teach us from the word, that we indeed are gifted by Jesus! That He desires to use us for His purpose and glory, and that we in return, we would receive great joy by serving Him with our gifts. Below is a list of questions we can ask to help us discover our gifts! These questions are to get us to move beyond Christian consumerism and into deeper knowledge of Jesus! One of the best ways to know God the father is to serve along side His son Jesus in service! Try to answer some of these today, pray over those answers and then get moving to glorify Jesus in your church and your community!

The Questions:

1. What areas do you see the church is weak in, or what needs do you see the church has? You may be critical of these things because you are gifted to fix them. Stop complaining start serving!
2. Whom or where do you have a passion to serve?
3. Where is your passion and burden? Use it to glorify God!
4. What do you find joy in doing?
5. What do you have success in?
6. What do others (godly others) commend you for doing well?
7. What opportunities has God already provided for you to serve others?
8. Ask god for a gift? the  Bible says as an example to ask God for wisdom!
9. totally lost in what your gift is? Love, love is the greatest gift!

In addition to the above:
     1. Are willing to find your gift by trial and error? What can you try? TRY STUFF!! Take opportunities!
2. Are you willing to cultivate and mature your gift? To be discipled in your gift? How can you be discipled? Find someone to help you grow in your gift!