VISION:  The SBC TRAILBLAZERS began in March of 2012 as a ministry to members of Sierra Bible Church who are age 55 and over.  For a couple, only one partner has to be at least 55 years old.  The purpose is to organize a group for the purpose of fellowship, mutual edification and encouragement and to create an opportunity for seniors to use their spiritual gifts and natural talents and abilities for the benefit of the church body as outlined in Titus 2:1-5.   The group’s focus incorporates both the “in-reach” and “out-reach” goals of the church – helping families inside  the church and helping those in our community.

VISION FOR THE FUTURE:  As we grew from childhood and matured, the church nourished us.  Now we are at a stage in life where we can give back and help those around us.  Our vision is to see more seniors at Sierra Bible Church seize that opportunity!

For Trailblazer questions please contact: Wayne Hoag