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Renewing your passion! This is just the beginning. God is always at work and is willing to give us a fresh fire and vision if we simply ask.  Over the past few weeks my heart has been reminded by the Lord about how magnificent and wonderful He is. That He has called me out of darkness and has given me life. That He has blessed me beyond comprehension with family, friends a home…etc. He has also reminded me that my life is not my own and that I am on borrowed time. And He has posed the question, “Am I redeeming the time?” I ask myself this question and find that my time and energy many times can be in vein and not for his glory. I want to be used by the master! This life is not to remain as I was, but is to be transformed daily into a life to impact others for the Gospel and for His glory .

Colossians 4:17 ” Take heed to the Ministry which you have received in the Lord that you may fulfill it” .

This verse says: “Take heed”, Hold on…don’t wait…but go and do the work of the ministry, fulfill it. I do not know what this all entails as of yet, but what I know is that God has called me to more. He has designed each us with gifts, desires, skillsets..etc  He has placed a desire in my heart to perfect and hone in on what He has gifted me in and with that He may entrust me with more.  I am praying for a fresh vision over the ministries I oversee and for what He has in store for me for the future. Furthermore,  for others that may come along side and catch a new fire for the work that God has for Truckee Ca. Are you with Me? Lets be world changers and get outside these 4 walls and see a new awakening in our community.

Having a heart change

Brad Noel