Missions Committee Leadership: Mike Harrison

Many of you have had the pleasure of meeting Mike Harrison. He and his wife Angie help greet on Sundays. His family has attended SBC for several years now. Mike recently has stepped up to lead and facilitate our missions committee. This committee has served our church in several ways. They help connect with our missionaries, and find ways to assist them. They also, have a fund they use to help support short term missions and special needs abroad. You can give to this fund by checking the box on your tithe envelope titled “missions” or use the online giving tab at sbctruckee.com

As Mike takes on this lead role, we wanted to inform you of his passions and desires. It is Mikes desire to strengthen the following areas of our team –

  1. He wants to make sure each missions member is in consitant and clear communication with each missionary
  2. He desires our missions committee meetings to be clear and purposeful
  3. He wants to help cultivate a church culture for short term missions – a go mentality
  4. He desires we do more for the missionaries we support – to have a greater impact with those we are supporting

I am super excited to see how God uses Mike and our missions team to extend the Gospel abroad. Please pray for our team and that we, as a church family, can continue to follow Jesus and make Disciples around the entire world.