“This distinction [between law and gospel] must be observed all the more when the Law wants to force me to abandon Christ and His Gospel boon.  In that emergency I must abandon the Law and say: Dear Law, if I have not done the works I should have done, do them yourself.  I will not, for your sake, allow myself to be plagued to death, taken captive, and kept under your thraldom and thus forget the Gospel.  Whether I have sinned, done wrong, or failed in any duty, let that be your concern, O Law.  Away with you and let my heart alone; I have no room for you in my heart.  But if you require me to lead a godly life here on earth, that I shall gladly do.  If, however, like a housebreaker, you want to climb in where you do not belong, causing me to lose what has been given me, I would rather not know you at all than abandon my gift.”

Martin Luther, quoted in C. F. W. Walther, The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel (St. Louis, 1928), pages 46-47.