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Do you have the courage to be you, the you I created? This simple, yet profound question came to Courage Worldwide Founder Jenny Williamson one night, straight from the heart of God. This question is what ultimately led her on a journey to discover a purpose and passion for her life. Although Jenny had held some type of job since the age of 15, no accomplishment or moment of satisfaction had ever satisfied the deep desire in her heart to make a difference in the world. On the eve of Jenny’s 40th birthday, through a series of events, she decided to make a deliberate decision to begin living life intentionally, rather than reacting to whatever life threw her way. Her first intentional choice was to go in search of the God whom she believed in as a little girl. What she discovered surprised her. She not only found God, she found herself! What Jenny learned through her own self-discovery process is that the journey of purpose is not always easy. It requires a large dose of courage to be and do all you were created to. Courage Worldwide was founded to give people the encouragement and resources they need to be who they were created to be. Through Courage Conferences, Courage Houses, Courage Cafés, Courage Publications, and Courage Volunteers, Jenny and her team work to help others realize they were created on purpose for a purpose.

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