My husband and I are new to the area and to Sierra Bible Church.  We are the new Caretakers at Rainbow Lodge in Soda Springs and we are looking for cleaners in the area to help us clean the lodge’s interior.  I thought I would ask if anyone at Sierra Bible Church HAPPENS to have a cleaning service that I could contact and get a quote from.  We would love to help support their business! Certainly, if you are more comfortable, feel free to pass along my contact information to someone within the congregation.

Thank you in advance for any information!  

Janelle & Larry Hicks

Janelle Windsor Hicks
Rainbow Lodge, Caretaker/Event Manager
50080 Hampshire Rocks Rd
Soda Springs, CA 95728
Phone:  (530) 562-5060

Hello Church Family,

This is Natalie Tseko and as you know I have had to leave to LA for care. Upon doing that I have had to let go of Tahoe living. I did have some success in my procedure and am super thankful for that. I will be needing another procedure on March 26th,to help with some more issues that i am still having, Meanwhile I am currently trying to find my way back to Tahoe, as you know it is nearly impossible to find a place. If anyone has a lead on a room for rent please do let me know I will love to be back home. As I am finding out daily SoCal is not a place to live for me.

The Lord has given me a option to come home for a paid house sitting gig from Feb 1-13th. I also got a gig that is a organizing design job. I am really looking forward to it and being home with you all for a few weeks. As I am not sure how long this organizing job will be I am getting a round trip ticket till Feb 24th.

Upon taking this opportunity I was wondering if anyone of you beautiful peeps will happen to have a car available for me to rent from you/ borrow. Also if i need a longer stay after the 13th will there be anyone available to let me crash in your extra room? I will just need a place any day between the 13th-24th. I am trying to not spend to much of the money i will be earning as i will love to use it as income.

I am looking forward to being home for this opportunity, I miss Tahoe and my peeps so so much,

Thank you family, i really appreciate it. Please let me know If you or anyone you know can help out, my phone number is 530-557-5355

Natalie Tseko

Good Day Brothers, Sisters, Mothers and Others,
May this letter find you well and in Good Spirits as we deepen our awareness of His presence.
I am reaching out to the body of Christ at Sierra Bible Church in an effort to find housing. A room, a second home in the area, or even a motor home or other type of mobile living unit that would be taken into consideration for renting. I currently have a lease through June 15th in my current condo at the West End of Donner Lake where I am paying $957.50 per month in rent and averaging around $160 per month in utilities [internet included in rent].
Since stepping away from my career as an Executive Chef to continue passionately pursing and Seeking His Kingdom first [exempli gratia Matthew 6:33], I have definitely experienced a decline in my “socioeconomic impact’. The Lord has been chipping away at my materialistic lifestyle for the better part of a decade. What did Pastor Wayne say from the pulpit quoting someone, “I started out with nothing and still have most of it left”? Heard and stood under Pastor. Hear and Understood.
I have turned down the opportunity to move into a different unit on the same property, for multiple reasons but here are the brass tacks: [I] It’s a three bedroom unit and my current roommate does not want to bring in a 3rd and I simply cannot justify spending over $1300/ on rent plus utilities, no matter how much I “want” to have office space to write. [II] Since redeeming my career I simply cannot afford more than I am currently spending as I earn the same as I do on contract removing snow, but with HALF the hours as the Kitchen Coordinator for Truckee’s Community Resource and Support Center.
I Understand we have been threshed into a Season of global calamity and resources are beginning to become tighter and tighter. However, I do hold onto the Promises of the Holy Scriptures and enjoy the symbolism throughout. How wonderful it would be if every Believer this side of the Rocky Mountains befell upon Gods grace so powerfully that it worked in us in such a way that “there were no needy person among them because all those who owned lands or houses sold them, brough the proceeds of what was sold, and laid them at the apostles’ feet: This was then distributed to each person as any had need”[exempli gratia Acts 4:33-35]. I don’t know? Sounds a little like the 60’s ‘peace, love, never take a bath” movement to me. Crazy talk!
All levity aside, this is an interesting position to be in indeed. Making the shift from incorporating God into my life to Surrendering to God has been the crux of my existence! When I threw my caution into His wind and ended up serving at the Emergency Warming Center as an overnight staffer, it quickly turned into a PAID assignment. Blessed. SO Blessed. I like to believe in the “double favor” mentioned in Isaiah 61:7 “in place of your shame, you will have a double portion; in place of disgrace, they will rejoice over their share. So they will possess double in their land, and eternal joy will be theirs”.
May our Lord bless you for taking the time to prayerfully consider any options you may have or any options through connections you may have. I mind not becoming homeless. I have already wrestled with this option and a fault was found not in my star, after all, I am serving in a Homeless Outreach. However, the Lord reminded me that I am a member of a wealthy Community of Faith here in the Truckee area and I need to better learn how to reach out and ASK. FOR. HELP! So here am I, reaching out. Asking for assistance from my heart of Hearts to yours. My Forever Truckee Family.

I can be contacted on my cellphone at [530] 536-6693, please allow a few hours for me to respond. For a more immediate response please contact me via email at

In His Love and Service,

Brody Dwyer
B. Louis Dwyer
ThyLittleBirdy [pseudonym]

Brian and I are giving away 2 barely used bunkbeds, with double sized Serta Mattresses and pads. The following linens are included if
desired: Beautiful matching bedspreads, blankets, sheets and pillow cases.

Please contact Brian or Ruth Hoyt at 530 – 546-3690 if you are interested in the bunkbeds or have questions.

Brian and Ruth Hoyt


I am looking for a roommate. Room for rent: 1 bedroom available in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo.

$750/month, $300/Deposit. Includes utilities, in unit washer and dryer, dishwasher.

Florence Cox

Attorney Craig Close is looking for an Administrative Assistant to assist him in the office. The requirements are computer skills in Word, Excel, and organizational Administrative Assistant skills.
Craig can be reached at 530.587.7666 or 530.277.6534
I recently moved to Truckee via Dallas, TX and looking for a female roommate or two to lease a home, condo or apt in Truckee. Christ followers preferably. 🙂
Please call Lisa @214-212-5340.
God Bless!
Lisa Nunley
Hello! My name is Annie and I will be working at a resort in the area, but am seriously struggling finding a place to stay that is affordable for me. I wanted to reach out to see if your church or any members of your congregation had rooms they rented out? I will out December 26 – April 4. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Annie Lancaster