Recently, our Missions Board attended a training with the CMA, to give us a greater understanding of all our denomination is doing worldwide and how we can participate in the furtherance of the gospel to all nations. In the coming weeks, I want to inform you of the what missions is, what the Word says about the mission of Christ and the church, and what your Board is doing to see this calling manifested, as well as give updates about our missionaries. (For specific contact info of our workers, please see our missions page on the SBC website.)
The vision and goal of our Missions Board is the familiar calling of Jesus, from Matthew 28:19-20: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you…” The Missions Board of SBC exists to do our part to see this command of Jesus fulfilled… and it will take his entire body to do it! Clearly not everyone is called to go overseas or become a cross-cultural missionary, yet we are commanded as Christ-followers to see that ALL the nations of the world hear the gospel of Jesus Christ preached and be taught. If we cannot go, we must SEND, we must EQUIP, we must SUPPORT, we must PRAY for those that do. “70,000+ people die every day without ever hearing about Jesus” ( We at SBC long to see our community come to Christ, our nation turn to Christ and even greater, peoples of all nations of the world come to Christ. For a fascinating video on missions work, please watch this (and be astounded at how many people still haven’t heard the gospel!)
To what end is God calling YOU? What is your part in reaching this global mission? How can you personally fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus? We can each start by giving, going, or getting on our knees. Our prayer as a Missions Board is that getting the gospel to people who have never heard and have no access would be a desire of your heart!
Missionary update:
The LeTexier family has been in France for about 9 months now. They relocated from Jordan to France to minister to Muslim families, many who are refugees. John and Darlene are finishing up French language training while their 3 children are in school. Here are their prayer requests:
1. Pray for a rental property for their family (which is difficult for a foreigner to obtain), in which they can build relationships and make an impact.
2. Pray for their visit to their boys’ school in Germany in May, and that the boys would finish out their year well. Pray that their daughter Karis to continue to learn French.
3. Pray that they will make huge strides in learning French in these next couple of months, in listening comprehension and speaking with accuracy.
To email them encouragement or support, contact John and Darlene at
Also, here is a recent video of the Wong’s work in Basque Country
If you would like to contact them for encouragement and support, please email them at
–Alli Richardson