During our 6pm gathering one of the things we touched upon was that the home should be a place where the whole family learns worship. Below is a great post on how to do just that! -Jesse Richardson

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“Every Christian family ought to be as it were a little church.” –Jonathan Edwards

Evangelicals are beginning to rediscover the great blessing of family worship.

Family worship is simply coming together as a family and worshiping God in the home. In the same way we come together for a time of corporate worship in the church, we also come together in the home for a time of family worship that involves prayer, reading Scripture, and singing songs.

You may be thinking your family is too busy, but in reality, are you?

How do we spend our time? Maybe watching TV, playing video games, or shopping? Sadly, many families devote more time to these things than they do teaching their children about God, or just simply spending quality time together. There are moments to share our faith with our children throughout each day. The problem is we are too busy with other things to take advantage of them.


The key is to start small and finish big. The truth is your home is like a little church. Christian parents can lead their home in family worship. It’s really not that hard. Teaching your kids about your faith and sharing in a time of family worship isn’t just for trained theologians or pastors with kids. It’s for all of us, including single parents, working parents, and parents who are new to the faith. Trust me, if my wife and I can make time to do it, you can do it, too.

Family worship is revolutionary, and it begins in the home.

I invite you and your family to discover the blessing of family worship. Family worship is revolutionary, and it begins in the home. It starts in our marriages, by loving our spouses with the love of Christ. It happens by teaching them the gospel and loving and disciplining them in the admonition of the Lord. When we bring the gospel back to the home, it will spread through our neighborhoods and into the communities where we live. If every family in every church got serious about making disciples in the home, it would change our world.


Here are a few practical ideas that may help you develop a time of family worship in the home:

  1. Find a good children’s Bible, such as My First Bible,The Adventure Bible for Young ReadersESV Children’s Bible, or The Jesus Storybook Bible. Children love to have a Bible they can call their own.
  2. Have a daily time for family worship—morning, afternoon, or evening. Develop a routine for your child. Consistency is good for learning. It will show your child that this is an important part of the day.
  3. Remember to have fun with your children while learning the Bible. Memorizing and learning about the Bible doesn’t have to be boring. Make the time fun and special.
  4. Keep the time brief to hold the child’s attention.
  5. Recite a verse or question several times a day in your child’s presence so it becomes familiar to them. It usually takes repeating something several times before you learn it.
  6. Select a few short hymns or worship songs that your children can sing along with.
  7. Pray with your children. Teach them the power and importance of intercessory prayer. Let prayer become an important part of your home. Pray for your neighbors, your community, the nation, and the world. Let prayer be a way that introduces your child to the needs of others.
  8. Lastly, the home is where faith learning begins, but the real world is where it is lived. Take time to stop and teach your children faith lessons in the car, at the grocery store, or the street corner.


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