In my sermon this past Sunday morning, I quoted from a little book titled The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.  In this little book Brother Lawrence talks about the presence of God and how that presence for him was as real in the kitchen among his pots and pans as it was in sanctuary when the congregation assembled to worship.

The truth of the matter is God’s presence is equally present in all places at once.  Of this omnipresent God, the Psalmist David asked, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or, where can I flee from your presence?” (Psalm 139:7).  Of course, his answer was that there is no place one can flee from the presence of God.  If that is so why is it that some Christians experience more of that presence than others?

Filling the air around us are radio waves that are being sent out by hundreds of radio station transmitters.  I cannot see these waves, you cannot see these waves, but they are there.  All you need is a receiver by which you can tune into the frequencies of the various radio stations.  It’s much the same with the presence of God.

God’s presence surrounds us; in fact, He could not be any closer to you than He presently is.  The question is whether or not our hearts are willing and ready receivers?

Before the invention of radios with a digital dial, one would have to carefully turn the frequency knob to dial in a radio station at its full strength.  In fact, there were times when one would get a bit of the stations programming accompanied by a lot of static.

In regards to consciously experiencing the presence of God, there are things that we can do to find the right frequency and enhance the reception, the study of God’s Word, prayer, fellowship with God’s people, and serving one another.  Things that hamper clear reception are the many hindrances of the world around us, hindrances that must be resisted if our reception is to be clear.

As I stated to the congregation at Sierra Bible Church during my series of messages on the Holy Spirit, the fullness of God’s presence and power is equally available to all.  But you have to turn your radio on just as country music great Alfred E. Brumley wrote, “Turn your radio on and listen to the music in the air.  Turn your radio on and glory share.  Turn the lights down low and listen to the Master’s radio, get in touch with God, turn your radio on.”

Is your radio on?